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Creative Biolabs is a world-leading services provider in the field of microfluidic chip development. We are dedicated to supporting cell DNA screening services by designing and developing a high-quality and high-sensitivity microfluidic chip system.

Microfluidic Chip Development for Cell DNA Screening

Previously, single-cell DNA analysis was most commonly performed with laboratory-developed approaches relying upon FACS sorting to isolate single-cells in 96- or 384-well plates. Multiple selection rounds are generally necessary to screen cell DNAs with sufficient specificity, which requires more sample/reagent consumption and time. These approaches are not only laborious and slow but also utilize significant amounts of reagent to generate sequence information.

Recently, researchers have moved to microfluidic systems to perform cell DNA screening that can be optimized, giving significant advantages in increased speed and reduced costs. Furthermore, such microfluidic systems would be a candidate for high-throughput applications. Due to the scalability of droplet-based microfluidics, improving the throughput and sensitivity with this method is straightforward. The main application areas currently involve screening cells as well as genetic material for various mutations or activity.

Fig. 1 Workflow for single-cell genomic DNA amplification and barcoding. (Pellegrino, et al., 2018)Fig. 1 Workflow for single-cell genomic DNA amplification and barcoding.1

Cell DNA analysis based on microfluidic technology can generate sequence-ready libraries quickly and, through the use of picoliter volume droplets, consumes minimal reagent to cell DNA. These features significantly reduced the barriers to performing single-cell DNA screening and promise to make the high-resolution analysis of clonal architecture within tumors routine. Recently, an automatic, bead-based microfluidic system that integrated an extraction device and an on-chip PCR for the fast screening of DNA has been demonstrated. The entire process could be performed on a single chip within a shorter time when compared to traditional protocols. Thus, this strategy brings a promising approach to accelerate the progress of biomarker discovery.

Fig. 2 Microfluidic workflow improved DNA amplification and. (Pellegrino, et al., 2018)Fig. 2 Microfluidic workflow improved DNA amplification and.1

Advantages of Microfluidic Chips

Our Microfluidic Services

To address the need for a system to rapidly, efficiently, cost-effectively, and reproducibly cell DNA screening, microfluidic chips can be a great choice to develop for an automation screening system. At Creative Biolabs, we are dedicated to helping you develop microfluidic chips with the highest quality standards for cell DNA screening. With decades of combined experience and advanced platforms, our highly skilled scientists are ready to get started on your projects. Please contact us if you do not find a specific service item you are looking for. The specialized team from Creative Biolabs is committed to offering the best solutions to your satisfaction.


  1. Pellegrino, Sciambi, et al. " High-throughput single-cell DNA sequencing of acute myeloid leukemia tumors with droplet microfluidics." Genome Research 28 (2018): 1345-1352.

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