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Creative Biolabs is a world-leading services provider in the field of microfluidic chip development. We are dedicated to supporting gas bubble synthesis by designing and developing a high-quality and high-sensitivity microfluidic chip system.

Introduction of Gas Bubbles

Gas bubbles find a wide range of applications from pharmaceuticals to foods and the cosmetic industry. Gas bubbles can be used in numerous biomedical fields, such as microbubble-based ultrasound contrast agents. Also, gas bubbles are used as templates for the synthesis of hollow particles, which are of great interest as drug delivery carriers and tumor/thrombus destruction materials.

Microfluidic Chip Development for Gas Bubbles Synthesis

Microfluidic-based synthesis is a growing area of research in chemical synthesis, enabling the development of continuous manufacturing processes that overcome the drawbacks of conventional batch-based synthesis methods. Microfluidic devices provide advantages for generating gas bubbles with narrow size distributions and controlled structures. For example, the encapsulation of microbubbles with an organic layer, biopolymers, and the foam-based fabrication of scaffolds for tissue engineering has been achieved via microfluidic approaches. Therefore, microfluidic chips can be used to develop the straightforward, controllable route to synthesize hollow inorganic particles beginning with gas bubbles.

Fig. 1 Bubble-based microfluidic system. (Khashayar, et al., 2015)Fig. 1 Bubble-based microfluidic system.1

In recent years, researchers have presented a microfluidic-based approach for the controlled encapsulation of gas bubbles in droplets with high gas volume fractions. This approach is demonstrated to making a liquid shell that serves as a template for the synthesis of hollow inorganic particles. Briefly, gas bubbles are generated in an aqueous phase at the first flow-focusing junction and then encapsulated into aqueous droplets formed in a continuous oil phase at the second flow-focusing junction. By changing the oil to an aqueous flow rate ratio and gas pressure, the size of the gas bubbles and the number of encapsulated bubbles can be varied systematically. Consequently, this approach offers a new method for the synthesis of thin-shell-covered microbubbles.

Advantages of Microfluidic Chips

The microfluidic chip-based approaches to synthesize gas bubbles have many advantages:

Our Microfluidic Services

Microfluidic techniques have already been shown to be powerful technologies for the generation of highly controlled gas bubbles. Creative Biolabs has armed with a robust and standardized microfluidic platform, aiming to offer the best and convenient microfluidic related services to bring impeccable support for our global customers. If you have any questions about our service or would like to consult with the experts at Creative Biolabs, please directly send us a request.


  1. Khashayar, Almansouri, et al. " A multi-functional bubble-based microfluidic system " Scientific Reports 5 (2015): 9952.

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