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Microfluidic chips have greatly broadened the possibilities of biological and chemical research. Creative Biolabs provides stable, flexible and high-quality microfluidic chip microfabrication services to clients all over the world. Our advanced microfluidic production technology platform redefines advanced methods for fluidic automation, high-throughput screening and biochemical analysis.

Micro Fabrication of Microfluidic Chip

Microfluidic fabrication requires machining channels with a millimeter or submillimeter precision in silicon, glass or polymer materials. Commonly used microfluidic fabrication processes are directly transformed from the semiconductor or plastics machining industries and extended to chemically inert materials commonly used in biology and analytical chemistry. Our clients may preliminarily select the most economical fabricating technology based on the achievable critical size. It is worth noting that the selection of the manufacturing approaches is based on a comprehensive evaluation of materials, precision, depth-to-length ratio, etc.

Applicable size for different manufacturing technologies.Fig 1. Applicable size for different manufacturing technologies. (Creative Biolabs)

Equipped with complete microfluidic chip machining equipment and experienced staff, Creative Biolabs provides the most suitable manufacturing approach according to specific applications and characteristics. Supplemented by advanced surface treatment, deposition and sealing technologies, stable and high-precision manufactured microfluidic systems maximize the many advantages of microfluidic technology. We are capable of completing a mature microfluidic fabrication workflow and various processing techniques under your entrustment. Our services include but are not limited to:

Workflow of microfluidic chip fabrication.Fig 2. Workflow of microfluidic chip fabrication. (Creative Biolabs)

Our Services

Creative Biolabs can manufacture various products with different precision, especially the production of biochips/microfluidic chips, and meet the needs of small-scale testing or mass production. Our processing capabilities cover silicon, metals, alloys, glass as well as plastic.

Creative Biolabs provides chip design, prototype verification, production and fabrication services to achieve the expected specific functions, as well as well-defined chip products for common applications. We provide photoresist molds, silicon molds, and metal molds for the self-construction of microfluidic chips in a laboratory environment. Our clients can also obtain high-quality, high-precision chips with different materials that are directly used for various experiments. Flexible and complete technology platform allows us to provide a series of follow-up processes such as chip characterization, cutting, drilling, sealing and surface modification. We also can complete the downstream biological detection or analysis project entrusted by our clients. Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your need and for more information.

For Research Use Only. Not For Clinical Use.

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