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Diagnostic assays represent an integral step in the treatment and management of a broad spectrum of pathologies. Therefore, a principal aim of contemporary medical science is to refine and decentralize diagnosis by improving the rapidity, fluidity, and sensitivity of the sample-to-result process. Recent years have seen the emergence of micro total analysis systems, which offer portability, integration, and high-throughput processing, while concurrently lowering reagent use, total cost, and risks of mishandling.

Introduction of Microfluidic-based Sample Processing

Microfluidic techniques offer unique advantages over conventional bench-top methods by integrating sample preparation with analysis. By using microscale channels and tubes, microfluidic devices can minimize dead volume and sample waste. To further reduce processing volume, external tubing or pumps can be eliminated. Passive fluid actuation without the use of active pumps has been reported, including capillary-driven flow and vacuum-driven flow, which is ideal for resource-constrained environments at remote sites. Although multiple steps are typically required to prepare samples for biochemical assays, microfluidic devices can automate these steps in a single device, thereby minimizing manual sample handling and preserving sample integrity, as well as improving diagnostic accuracy and reproducibility.

Fig. 1 Microfluidic for blood sample processing. (Hou, et al., 2023)Fig. 1 Microfluidic for blood sample processing.1

Fig. 2 Microfluidic whole blood processing. (Hou, et al., 2023)Fig. 2 Microfluidic whole blood processing.1

Services at Creative Biolabs

The importance of microfluidics in sample processing is self-evident. Creative Biolabs has been focusing on microfluidics over years. We have established a comprehensive one-stop microfluidic solution platform and provide a variety of microfluidic-based services including but not limited to:

If you are interested in any one of our services or you have other problems with microfluidics, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.


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