Microfluidic Development Services for Laminar Flow Control


With the vigorous development of the field of microfluidics, Creative Biolabs provides the most comprehensive and reliable laminar flow control-related microfluidic development services for clients from the fields of chemistry, biology, engineering, and physics to help them benefit from the many advantages and explore the possibilities of microfluidics experiments.

Laminar Flow in Microfluidic System

With the continuous exploration of the field of microfluidics, its potential and advantages in analytical applications and experimental optimization have also been greatly developed. In addition to the rapid advances in manufacturing technology and practical applications, researchers have also studied and understood the fluid dynamics at the micron or even nanoscale greatly.

Fig. 1 Liquids with laminarity flow in microfluidic. (Kurdzinski, et al., 2017)Fig. 1 Liquids with laminarity flow in microfluidic.1

One of the most important properties of fluid flow in the field of microfluidics is laminar flow. In a flow like that, a liquid can be viewed as consisting of countless parallel layers that flow side by side and slide like cards when encountered to external forces in the direction of the flow. Laminar flow is characterized by low-momentum convection and high-momentum diffusion, which means that unlike the turbulent flow that is common in the macroscopic regime, mixing in the laminar regime is almost entirely mediated by diffusion. Laminar flow is defined by a dimensionless parameter (Reynolds number):


Among them, μ represents fluid viscosity, ρ represents fluid density, and v and d represent flow velocity and channel size, respectively. At low Re, the flow of the liquid is defined as laminar. In microfluidic systems, v and d are usually very small, so the flow is almost impossible to be turbulent. In fact, due to the miniaturization of channel dimensions, the flow is often highly lamiarity. The laminar flow characteristic endows the microfluidic system with high predictability and programmability. Creative Biolabs assists our clients to make the most of these advantages. Engineered chip structure and cutting-edge microfabrication technology platform will allow you to maximize the manipulation of fluid flow and achieve nearly unlimited functions. Our services include:

Flow Type Analysis Chip Development Service

Microfluidic chips can achieve high maneuverability of liquid flow, allowing researchers to achieve precise control, separation and capture of molecules or cells to be tested, or directly perform hydrodynamic analysis on manipulable liquid flow. The flow-type analysis chip we provide will bring you a completely different perspective for your biology and physics research.

Controllable flow focusing on different Reynolds numbers.Fig 2. Controllable flow focusing on different Reynolds numbers. (Kurdzinski, et al. 2017)

Solution Mixing Chip Development Service

The success of many key chemical experiments is closely related to the mixing of reagents, and biological experiments often require rapid mixing of reagents. The inefficiency of diffusional motion at the microscale has been a general drawback of microchemical reactors. The solution mixing chip and related development services we provide will perfectly solve this problem, and achieve high-speed and uniform mixing of reagents at the microscale.

Microfluidic mixers can be combined with other functional units for multifunctionality.Fig 3. Microfluidic mixers can be combined with other functional units for multifunctionality. (Habhab, et al., 2016)

Gradient Generator Development Service

Studies on tumor metastasis, cell chemotaxis, and drug toxicity often require strict and stable concentration gradients or physical/chemical property gradients. Creative Biolabs will make full use of the slow mixing characteristics and maneuverability of laminar flow to develop and design a stable and controllable microfluidic gradient generator for our clients that perfectly fit your experimental needs.

Digital Microfluidic Chip Development Service

Digital microfluidics is one of the most promising platforms for microfluidic droplet research. Creative Biolabs provides comprehensive DMF design and construction services, such systems will manipulate droplets through dielectrophoresis, and can be reconfigured to adapt to diverse experiments and protocols.

Other Services

The customizability and multifunctionality of microfluidic systems determined that it is not feasible to design a single structure to meet all needs. With an in-depth understanding of the basic rules and application knowledge in the field of microfluidics, Creative Biolabs is confident in assisting our clients to design and construct microfluidic chips that meet specific needs. Whether you want to build your own lab-on-a-chip or develop a micro-analysis system, we have the ability to provide you with the most comprehensive service, so don't hesitate to contact us for any needs.


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