Microfluidic Chip Products

Creative Biolabs offers one-stop microfluidic solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients. We provide a wide range of ready-to-use microfluidic chips. Click the following links to find the most suitable chip to make your project a success.

Featured Products

CAT No Product Name Application
MFCH-002 Centrifuge Microfluidic Chip Processing samples and reagents in Nucleic acid analysis, blood Analysis, immunoassays and point-of-care diagnostics.
MFCH-003 Serpentine Droplet Generator Microfluidic Chip Produce droplets at the T-junction of the chip.
MFCH-005 3D Cell Culture Chip-Neuron Neuron cell culture and study of axon transport, axon protein synthesis, axon damage/regeneration, signal transduction of axon to somatic signal.
MFCH-006 Integrated 3D Cell Culture Chip Organizational model such as skin, stomach, intestinal, kidney and Blood-brain barrier. When used, a tissue patch is placed between the two plates, culture media containing different factors can flow in the upper and lower chambers separated by the patch.
MFCH-009 Synvivo-Idealized Co-Culture Network Chips (IMN2 radial) SynBBB 3D Blood Brain Barrier Model/SynRAM 3D Inflammation Model/SynTumor 3D Cancer Model/SynTox 3D Toxicology Model
MFMM1-GJS4 BE-Doubleflow Standard Studying circulating particles, cell interactions and simple organ on chip system construction.
MFMM1-GJS6 BE-Transflow Custom Used to construct cell interface or Air-Liquid interface (ALI) to study more complex culture systems.

Creative Biolabs also provides flexible and reliable design, manufacturing and development services for microfluidic systems. Please click here to customer your own chips.


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