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Creative Biolabs is building several advanced microfluidic-based platforms, such as MDR detection system, CTC detection system, single-cell sequencing, single-cell molecular cloning and screening, microfluid-based nanomedicine development, and point-of-care technology (POCT).

Join us and work with worldwide researchers on their diagnostics and drug development projects through our microfluidics system development services.

Microfluidics Sales Manager

We are looking for an aggressive and experienced Sales Manager who will be responsible for the sales of microfluidics contract research business. He/ She will identify and cultivate opportunities for new and existing customers through outbound and on-site consultation.

Microfluidics Project Manager

We are looking for an experienced Project Manager with an advanced degree to lead the development of microfluidics projects. He/ She will be responsible for proposal writing, research design, documenting experiment results, evaluation and reporting, and data presentation.

Microfluidics Senior Scientist

We are looking for a talented and experienced Senior Scientist to further develop our microfluidics contract research business. The candidate will be responsible for the design of the microfluidic project, experiments, and laboratory management.

Microfluidic Technology Engineer

We are looking for a talented and experienced microfluidic technology engineer to build a microfluidic technology platform. The candidate will be responsible for microfluidic technology research, chip design, and assist in the management of microfluidic equipment.

Research Associate

The research associate will be responsible for the production of recombinant proteins, and play a critical role in the discovery/development of novel molecular reagents. We are looking for a motivated and enthusiastic individual.

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