Custom Microfluidic Fabrication Services


Creative Biolabs provides our clients with customization, design and fabrication services for microfluidic systems. Our stable, cutting-edge, high-precision microfluidic fabrication services will help you customize functional chips to fulfill functional expectations and experimental needs.

Custom Microfluidic Fabrication

Due to unique technical advantages such as miniaturization, integration, and multi-function, microfluidic chips have been widely used in the fields of analysis, detection, and biological research. As an emerging technology in the field of biological experiments and chemical synthesis, our stable and high-precision processing technology ensures the operability and function of the chip in practical applications. Our service will include a complete workflow from upstream material selection and structural design to downstream detection experiments that you may freely choose the entering and exiting point.

Workflow of microfluidic fabrication.Fig 1. Workflow of microfluidic fabrication. (Creative Biolabs)

Processing experience and cutting-edge microfabrication concepts allow us to provide fabrication techniques.

Micro Fabrication Services

Traditional fabrication techniques of microfluidic manufacturing are mostly inherited from the metal and semiconductor machining industries. These engineering techniques developed in depth over the years have been well-defined and perfectly characterized.

Photolithography is the most commonly used stable fabricate technology with the highest resolution for microfluidic manufacturing. It is used to produce silicon or glass channels with micron-level resolution. Photolithography also processes patterned molds to reprint high-precision silicon elastomer chips with well-defined structures. In addition, laser engraving, precision casting and microinjection have also been used in the manufacture of various polymer chips. Creative Biolabs evaluates various micro-manufacturing approaches comprehensively based on material, structure and expected precision, providing our clients with the most cost-effective and applicable micro-fluidic chip manufacturing process.

3D Printing

The versatility and simplicity of 3D printing have rapidly made it an important method for the production of polymeric microfluidic devices. 3D printing directly embeds channels with different precision, height and shape in the polymer block and avoids the bonding, packaging or drilling processes in conventional production. 3D printing has flexibility unmatched by conventional manufacturing methods. After importing the design drawings, the chip can be directly constructed. Creative Biolabs provides a variety of 3D printing processes including SLA, FDM, and thermoplastic extrusion for our clients and provides them with fast and repeatable prototype construction and small-scale chip manufacture. However, it should be noted that the 3D printing process greatly limits the optional range of selectable materials.

Our Services

Creative Biolabs possesses abundant experience in microfluidic chip design and fabrication, complete microfluidic background research, well-trained staff member, leading microfluidic processing equipment and mature technology. We provide microfluidic chip development services for our clients all over the world to help you maximize the advantages of microfluidic components, bring your design ideas into reality, and explore new possibilities in biology and chemistry. Please don't hesitate to contact us for any needs.

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