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Creative Biolabs is supported by an advisory board with seasoned professionals in microfluidic chip development. We have accumulated extensive experience from the accomplishment of different projects, during which we have received a lot of recognition and praise from our clients. Till now, we are capable of providing our clients with a variety of customized cell biochemical environment analysis solutions to facilitate microfluidic studies. We will accommodate the specific properties of your project and provide flexible integrated solutions.

Biochemical Analysis on Microfluidic Chips

Microfluidic technology has become an attractive tool for biochemical analysis in the pharmaceutical industry. Previous studies have shown that it plays an important role in mediating the function and bioactivity of the cellular microenvironment. Equipped with miniaturized macrosystems and massively parallel processors, it can provide high-throughput and high sensitivity detection for monitoring cell behaviors, ranging from cell biochemical environment, single-cellular level to multi-cellular level. Over the past decades, a wide variety of detection techniques, including optical detectors, electronic methods, acoustic waves, magnetic operation tools, as well as chip-MS platforms, have been used in the development of biochemical analysis on microfluidic chips. For example, microfluidic chip electrophoresis has proven its significant role in the characterization of biological cells. Pilot studies have indicated that this technology can handle and process cell samples with low consumption, low cost, rapid analysis, and, integration capability.

Fig. 1 Biochemical analysis integrated on a microfluidic chip. (Azzopardi, 2018)Fig. 1 Biochemical analysis integrated on a microfluidic chip.1

Our Cell Biochemical Environment Analysis

In the cell microenvironment, the biochemical properties can be affected by different time and spatial scales. Meanwhile, cells can also produce a battery of factors, such as chemokines, cytokines, to alter their surrounding microenvironment. Recent reports have revealed that microfluidic chips can present cells with biochemical cues in a detectable and reproducible way. More importantly, the analysis of biological samples on a microfluidic platform has shown many advantages on label-free and non-invasive biochemical detection.

As a result, Creative Biolabs has developed an integrated cell biochemical environment analysis platform for providing new insights into biological processes and enabling the efficient and rapid development of novel microfluidic chips. Up to now, a wide spectrum of advanced technologies, like optical, electrical, and magnetic tools, have been applied in the generation of microfluidic chips for analyzing the biochemical environment of different cell types. In a recent study, we have a lab-on a chip system for cellular environmental monitoring. This system enables handle complex and highly variable cell sample matrices and offers a stand-alone integrated detection strategy for cellular biochemical environmental analysis.

Besides, we have also generated a series of electrical microfluidic analysis arrays, such as microfluidics-based capillary electrophoresis array and microfluidics-based gel electrophoresis array, for separation of almost all biochemical substances, including ions and particles, in the cell microenvironment. Our microfluidic system has a small size and short separation channels, which can significantly reduce reagent consumption (down to picoliter scale) and speed up analysis time (up to seconds).

Why choose us?

Creative Biolabs is a leader in the field of microfluidic chip design and development for years. With our extensive experience and advanced platform, we can provide a series of microfluidic-based cell biochemical environment analysis services basing on a wide variety of state-of-art technologies.

By offering our cell biochemical environment analysis services that are founded upon the industry solution, we can be your go-to partner for the entire journey of your microfluidic chip development. Creative Biolabs offers a range of custom cell biochemical analysis-based microfluidic arrays to satisfy any specific requirement at the most competitive price. Currently, with our extensive experience and advanced platform, we have won a good reputation among our worldwide customers for successfully accomplishing numerous challenging projects in this field. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more details. Let us know what you need and we will accommodate you. We look forward to working with you in the future.


  1. Azzopardi. " Dispositifs microfluidiques pour l’injection de fluides à travers un réseau de gouttes: application biocapteur." Université Bourgogne Franche-Comté. 1 (2018).

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