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Cutting-edge photolithography technology and improved etching craft allow Creative Biolabs to control the geometry of silicon chips within a few microns and provide the most stable and comprehensive chip development services for scientists all over the world. Ready-to-use silicon chips are also available in our company, we believe our high-quality chips will make your research a big success.

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Silicon Chip

If you are seeking microfluidic chips with the highest precision and fidelity, silicon is the only choice besides PDMS. Compared to metallic materials, silicon has excellent manufacturability, chemical inertness, and biocompatibility. Optimized polishing methods can result in silicon crystals with atomically smooth surfaces. Silicon has been widely used in microfluidic chips with high complexity and resolution requirements, including microreactors, cell culture units, electrospray devices, and digital microfluidics. Due to its unique physical properties, silicon-based chips have the following advantages:

Silicon Chip Products Years of development and mature lithography protocols endow silicon with optimal processability and predictability. In fact, the manufacturing accuracy of silicon chips can reach an astonishing sub-micron level.
Silicon Chip Products Silicon's characteristics have been documented.
Silicon Chip Products Silicon has high mechanical strength and anisotropy, making it suitable for constructing complex precision 3D structures.
Silicon Chip Products Surface silanol groups can be modified by reacting with methyl silanization reagents, and highly flat surfaces allow for further patterning and modification.

Silicon chips are often combined with glass substrates to ensure optical visibility.Fig 1. Silicon chips are often combined with glass substrates to ensure optical visibility. (Zhang, et al., 2023)

It should be noted that silicon has many drawbacks due to its inherent properties, which must be considered during chip development.

  • Silicon is a fragile material and requires extra care in experimental operations.
  • Silicon is opaque, and optical detection is completely incompatible with silicon chips if not mixed with other materials.
  • The manufacturing process of silicon requires complex and precise instruments and a highly clean processing environment, and its bonding and drilling processes are also complex and expensive.

The remarkable improvements in microfabrication and etching technologies, along with rich engineering data, have enabled Creative Biolabs to provide stable high-resolution silicon microfluidic chip manufacturing services to customers worldwide. Our fabrication capabilities cover wafer sizes from 1 to 12 inches, with a stable manufacturing accuracy in the micron range. Our silicon chip page will provide you with more information about the material itself and the processing technology. Our experts are always ready to serve and provide the solution that best suits your needs and project. Find your interested chips in the following list.

Silicon Chip Products


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