Microfluidic Development Services for Emulsion Synthesis


Emulsions are metastable dispersions of stabilized liquids in another immiscible, and have long been used in various applications, such as the production of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, foods, electronics, polymers, and colloids or oil industry. Microfluidic devices offer an alternate and versatile route to produce emulsions controlled by precisely fabricating one drop at a time. As a pioneer and the undisputed global leader in the field of microfluidic development, Creative Biolabs offers a suite of custom microfluidics development services, especially droplet microfluidics development to generate single, double, and multiple emulsions with exceptional precision.

Introduction of Emulsions

Mixed with two immiscible liquids, emulsions can be divided into simple emulsions and multiple emulsions. Simple emulsions are two-phase dispersions, such as oil-in-water or water-in-oil; while multiple emulsions consist of larger drops containing single and multiple inner compartments, also known as complex multi-phase dispersions. Except for the wide usage in many traditional fields, emulsions can serve as ideal templates for generating well-defined particles and functional vesicles. They function as the intermediate products in the synthesis of microcapsules used for protecting actives from chemical degradation or evaporation and for delayed/triggered release.

Microfluidics Revolutionize the Formation of Emulsions

Microfluidics is a technique for the precise generation of particles of the same size and it has become a cornerstone platform technology to produce microscale droplets, particles, and emulsions. Compared to conventional bulk methods, microfluidics-based particle production shows significant advantages.

Emulsification Methods Characters
Conventional Bulk Methods
  • Large production scales with high volume
  • Low energy (shear or impact stresses)
  • Highly polydisperse in size
  • Wide range of applications
  • Low maintenance
Microfluidics Emulsification
  • Small scale production with low volume
  • Narrower particle size distribution with accurate size
  • Higher reproducibility with low batch-to-batch variation
  • Improved encapsulation efficiency
  • Enhanced scaling-up potency with high monodispersity
  • Better control over particle characters (size and number)
  • High maintenance

Microfluidics Based Emulsions Production for Drug Delivery

Microfluidics provides a convenient method for producing single emulsions, double emulsions, or multiple emulsions, which serve as templates for making advanced materials including microparticles, microcapsules and microgels, subsequently, these materials can be developed for encapsulation and controlled release and applied in the field of drug delivery.

Fig. 1 Microfluidic nanoparticle generation. (Roces, et al., 2020)Fig. 1 Microfluidic nanoparticle generation.1

Featured Services at Creative Biolabs

Microfluidics has been used to gain a better understanding of droplet formation and emulsion production, as well as stability and other characteristics study. Based on our advanced platforms, Creative Biolabs provides droplet-based microfluidic chip and device development services with the highest quality standards. Our droplet microfluidics technology is a promising method to generate monodisperse emulsions with precise control of entire material fabrication processes. We can also offer custom solutions in case our standard chips do not meet your requirements.

Creative Biolabs has developed various microfluidics systems to benefit emulsion production. If you are interested in our services, please do not hesitate to contact us for more detailed information. We are always pleased to help customers evaluate microfluidics concepts quickly and easily.


  1. Roces, Lou, et al. " Manufacturing Considerations for the Development of Lipid Nanoparticles Using Microfluidics." Pharmaceutics 12.11 (2020): 1095.

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