MFMM-0722 Cell Culture and Organ-on-Chip Models


With our well-trained technical team and cutting-edge microfluidic platform, Creative Biolabs offers a range of cell culture and organ-on-chip models to promote your research with reliable quality and extended functionality.


MFMM-0722-Flow is an easy-to-use device for long-term 2D/3D cell culture and mechanical shear stress studies by means of microfluidics. MFMM-0722-Flow allows to culture cells in two separate channels and conducts 2D/3D culture experiments to study the effects of mechanical shear stress.


Cell Culture Models

MFMM-0722-Flow-1 (Cooperation)
MFMM-0722-Flow-2 (Cooperation)
MFMM-0722-Flow-3 (Cooperation)

Products Available

MFMM-0722-Flow Standard

MFMM-0722-Flow Standard (Cooperation)

MFMM-0722-Flow Custom

MFMM-0722-Flow Custom (Cooperation)


MFMM-0722-Gradient Standard enables electrochemical gradients for 3D cell culture via three small microchannels connected between a central chamber and lateral channels.


Cell Culture Models

MFMM-0722-Gradient-1 (Cooperation)

Example Application (Chemotactic Migration Studies)

MFMM-0722-Gradient Standard for Chemotactic migration study (Cooperation)

Product Available

MFMM-0722-Gradient Standard

MFMM-0722-Gradient Standard (Cooperation)


MFMM-0722-Transflow is our versatile cell culture platform, which can be used to construct a cell-cell interface or Air-Liquid interface (ALI) to study more complex culture systems. MFMM-0722-Transflow uses a layer of porous membrane to separate the culture well and the microfluidic channel to form two relatively independent structures. This design can be used for the construction of ALI interface for organ chips such as lung, skin, intestine, and cornea. MFMM-0722-Transflow can also form a perfect endothelial-epithelial barrier for the kidney, liver, heart, and blood-brain barrier by adding medium to the culture well.


Cell Culture

MFMM-0722-Transflow-1 (Cooperation)
MFMM-0722-Transflow-2 (Cooperation)
MFMM-0722-Transflow-3 (Cooperation)
MFMM-0722-Transflow-4 (Cooperation)

Example Applications (Bone on Chip and Skin on Chip)

MFMM-0722-Transflow for Bone and Skin (Cooperation)

Products Available

MFMM-0722-Transflow Standard

MFMM-0722-Transflow Standard (Cooperation)

MFMM-0722-Transflow Custom

MFMM-0722-Transflow Custom (Cooperation)


MFMM-0722-DoubleFlow is an advanced device consisting of two perfusion channels connected by a porous membrane, which is your best choice for studying circulating particles, cell interactions, and organ-on-chip system construction.


Cell Culture

MFMM-0722-DoubleFlow-1 (Cooperation)
MFMM-0722-DoubleFlow-2 (Cooperation)
MFMM-0722-DoubleFlow-3 (Cooperation)

MFMM-0722-DoubleFlow-4 (Cooperation)
MFMM-0722-DoubleFlow-5 (Cooperation)

Example Application (Kidney on-Chip)

MFMM-0722-DoubleFlow-for-Kidney (Cooperation)

Products Available

MFMM-0722-Doubleflow Standard

MFMM-0722-DoubleFlow-Standard (Cooperation)

MFMM-0722-Doubleflow Custom

MFMM-0722-DoubleFlow-Custom (Cooperation)

For Research Use Only. Not For Clinical Use.

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