BE-Flow Custom (CAT#: MFMM1-GJS5)

BE-Flow is an easy to use divece for long-term 2D/3D cell culture and mechanical shear stress studies by means of microfluidics.
DATASHEET Product Details
Straight Channel Chip
1100-5700 µm
200-1000 µm
1/4-28 UNF threaded ports
BE-Flow allows to culture cells in two separate channels and conducts 2D/3D culture experiments to study the effects of mechanical shear stress. BE-Flow can perfectly simulate the mechanical effects of vascular endothelial cells in the human body and precisely control shear stress and transmural pressure in real-time, providing a good in vitro model and experimental support for vascular disease research. BE-Flow is compatible with any microfluidic pump system and can be used simply with a rocker.
We can adjust the channel width and height according to your needs, thereby controlling shear, flux and pressure in the channel. BE-Flow can also be obtained using a biocompatible adhesive instead of a plastic base, allowing you to use functionalized or micropatterned surfaces, or even integrate with sensors.
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For Research Use Only. Not For Clinical Use.

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