BE-Gradient Standard (CAT#: MFMM1-GJS2)

BE-Gradient Standard enables electrochemical gradients for 3D cell culture via three small microchannels connected between a central chamber and lateral channels.
DATASHEET Product Details
Gradient Generator; Migration Chip
1000 µm
300 µm
Central Channel 12.6µL
Lateral Channels 14.5µL
Chamber 3µL
Medium reservior 185µL
Ø = 2,3 mm
Encapsulate your cells in a hydrogel and seed them in the central chamber, then perfuse the lateral channels on both sides with different concentrations of compound medium, and BE-Gradient Standard will generate a stable electrochemical gradient for you. BE-Gradient Standard can be used to study the effects of nutrient, oxygen or drug gradients on cells, and it is also an excellent tool for cell migration, angiogenesis and other studies. The BE-Gradient Standard is compatible with any type of optical microscope and can be used with almost any microfluidic flow control system, even with a simple rocker.
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For Research Use Only. Not For Clinical Use.

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