Synvivo-Idealized Co-Culture Network Chips (IMN2 Linear) (CAT#: MFCH-011)

Idealized Co-Culture Network Chips (IMN2 Linear) is a microfluidic chip which can be applied for constructing SynBBB 3D Blood Brain Barrier Model, SynTumor 3D Cancer Model, SynTox 3D Toxicology Model. Compared to radial chips, linear chip structures are more suitable for constructing stable, visible, and quantifiable air-liquid interfaces.
We also provide an additional version of this chip that incorporates micro pillar separation or a version with wider channel widths(100/250/500 μm).
DATASHEET Product Details
Brain-On-A-Chip; Heart-On-A-Chip; Kidney-On-A-Chip; Intestine-On-A-Chip; Cancer-On-A-Chip
200 µm-500 µm-200 µm
200um-500um-200um Channel Widths; 50um Travel (distance between channels)- 3um slits-50um Separation, 100um Depth (height)
3D Blood Brain Barrier Model
3D Inflammation Model
3D Cancer Model
3D Toxicology Model
3D Lung Model
3D ALI Chip
Slit Spacing
50 μm
Wide Slit
3 μm
Space Between Channels
50 μm
100 μm
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For Research Use Only. Not For Clinical Use.

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