Synvivo-Idealized Co-Culture Network Chips (IMN2 TEER) (CAT#: MFCH-010)

Idealized Co-Culture Network Chips (IMN2 TEER) is a microfluidic chip which can be applied for constructing SynBBB 3D Blood Brain Barrier Model. Compared with conventional BBB organ chips, IMN2 TEER is equipped with built-in electrodes so that you can directly conduct electrical analysis, which will allow you to quantify changes and formation of tight junctions in endothelial cells.
DATASHEET Product Details
200μm Outer channel, 1.8mm tissue chamber, 50μm slit spacing, 3um wide slit, 50μ travel (space between channels), 100μm depth (height), w/impedance capability
3D Blood Brain Barrier Model
3D Inflammation Model
3D Cancer Model
3D Toxicology Model
Outer Channel
200 μm
Tissue Chamber
1.8 mm
Slit Spacing
50 μm
Wide Slit
3 μm
Space Between Channels
50 μm
100 μm
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For Research Use Only. Not For Clinical Use.

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