Microfluidic Chip Development Service for Sweat Analysis


Microfluidic chips proved to be advantageous with regard to the reduction of the volumes of samples and reagents required, allowing medical diagnosis from a drop of biofluid, and the development of in vivo sensors and of systems for on-site analysis. Moreover, analysis times are usually shorter, several assays can be integrated into a single system without extending the size and complexity of the device, and several steps of the analytical procedure can be integrated and automated within the system. Creative Biolabs has focused on the development of microfluidic chips for many years and the one-stop microfluidic solutions can provide comprehensive technical support for advancing our clients’ projects.

Microfluidic Chips for Sweat Analysis

Sweat is an attractive biofluid for health monitoring because it can be locally and noninvasively induced and carries diverse biomolecules ranging from small electrolytes and metabolites to hormones and larger proteins that filter in from deeper in the body. This ease of access and rich composition give sweat potential to be used to probe the state of the body at a chemical level.

The wearable microfluidic chips are extremely attractive for real-time sweat analysis. The microfluidic chip is made using poly(methyl-methacrylate) PMMA and PSA (pressure-sensitive adhesive) polymer sheets. A CO2 laser system was used to cut the various polymer layers and laminated together using a thermal roller laminator. The sensing area is a piece of textile embedded in the middle of the device with a pH-sensitive dye, which varies color according to the pH of the sweat. A passive pump, based on highly absorbent material, was integrated with the chip, reducing the quantities of sweat necessary for the analysis. The integration of a simple cotton thread inside the micro-channel ensured a homogeneous sweat flow rate through the channels, improving system response time and fluid flow in the microfluidic device.

Wearable microfluidic chips for glucose and lactic monitoring. Fig.1 Schematic and optical images of an epidermal microfluidic device with one-opening chambers and hydrophobic valves (HVs) for chrono-sampling of liquid. (Zhang, et al., 2020)



At Creative Biolabs, we offer comprehensive wearable microfluidic chips development services for sweat analysis. As a combination of wearable technology and microfluidics, wearable microfluidics directly contacts human skin, which enables the collection and analysis of body sweat as well as integration with wireless data transfer function. The wearable microfluidic chips can achieve real-time continuous vital signs monitoring of glucose, lactate, sodium ion/potassium ion, calcium ion, and pH, with the collection and analysis of sweat.

Creative Biolabs has been involved in the field of microfluidic chips for many years and we are committed to completing your project with high quality. We can provide you with the best services to ensure your requirements are met. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more details.


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