Microfluidic Chip Development Service for Blood Analysis


Microfluidics offers technology to enable the miniaturization of biological assays, significantly improving the analysis efficiency of samples. The micro-channels are generally small in cross-sectional area and can run many samples in parallel. This parallelization, in conjunction with the small volumes required for a given test, facilitates high-throughput analysis. Creative Biolabs is dedicated to establishing the most exquisite microfluidic platform for our clients and the one-stop microfluidic solutions can provide comprehensive technical support for advancing our clients’ projects.

Microfluidic Chips for Blood Analysis

Blood harbors a massive amount of information about the functioning of all tissues and organs in the body. Every minute, the entire blood volume is recirculated throughout the body, delivering oxygen and nutrients to every cell and transporting products from and toward all different tissues. As a result, blood sampling and analysis are of prime interest for both medical and science applications, and hold a central role in the diagnosis of many physiologic and pathologic conditions, localized or systemic.

Microfluidic chips are extremely attractive for blood analysis. For drug discovery, microfluidic chips may redefine the entrance criteria for clinical trials and test for these criteria in a time- and cost-effective way. In small-animal studies, microfluidic chips would only use minute amounts of blood for analysis, allowing for repetitive sampling at multiple time points and minimizing the adverse effects of blood drawing. On the whole, on-chip blood sample preparation and analysis would lead to more gentle, fast, and consistent manipulation of the living cells, and therefore more accurate and better quality of extracted information.

Integrated microfluidic chips for sample preparation and analysis.Fig.1 An integrated microfluidic device for accurate extracellular vesicle quantification and protein markers analysis directly from human whole blood. (Zhou, et al., 2019)


Creative Biolabs offers comprehensive microfluidic chips development services for blood sample preparation and analysis.

Creative Biolabs has focused on the development of microfluidic chips for years, we whole-heartedly cooperate with you to accomplish our shared goals. Our team provides you with outstanding support and meets your specific needs with a professional technology platform. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more details.


  1. Zhou, S.; et al. Integrated microfluidic device for accurate extracellular vesicle quantification and protein markers analysis directly from human whole blood. Analytical chemistry. 2019, 92(1), 1574-1581.

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