Synvivo-SMN2 microvascular network Co-Culture Chips (CAT#: MFCH-012)

SMN2 microvascular network Co-Culture Chips is a microfluidic chip which can be applied for constructing SynRAM 3D Inflammation Model, SynTumor 3D Cancer Model, SynALI Lung Model. This chip utilizes a simplified in vitro-derived microvascular network with a pseudo-random pattern. The complex structure enables the realistic representation of cellular composition and vascular morphology, thereby reproducing the intricate shear and flow conditions present in vivo.
We also provide chips with different pseudo-random structures or multi-chambered chips for additional validation purposes. The co-culture network constructs are available with several options for channel size, tissue region scaffolding, barrier design, and can also construct custom designs if needed.
DATASHEET Product Details
Cancer-On-A-Chip; Lung-On-A-Chip; Vessel-On-A-Chip
3 um Height Barrier: 10um Dia-50um Separation, 100 um Depth. Cat#: 105001.
3D Inflammation Model
3D Cancer Model
3D Toxicology Model
3D Lung Model
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For Research Use Only. Not For Clinical Use.

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