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The specialized antibody team from Creative Biolabs is committed to offering the best services to your satisfaction. Now we can provide customized microfluidic solutions of multivariate immunoassay based on the surface microarray to meet all your specific requirements.

Introduction of Surface Microarray Based Multivariate Immunoassay

Multiplexed immunoassays facilitate the detection of multiple analytes from a single sample, and this form of analysis is gaining importance in fields such as medical diagnosis and proteomics. Surface microarray is one of the most common platforms used for multiplexed immunoassays.

Microfluidic Chips Development for Surface Microarray Based Multivariate Immunoassay

There is a trend to merge microarray-based immunoassays with microfluidics which can be a sample handling method. This platform relies on its reduced size to increase the number of analytes that can be analyzed from a single sample, and microfluidic techniques facilitate sample handling for these platforms. Multiple microfluidic channel designs have been developed, such as linear channels that can cover a single row of a microarray, flow chambers that can cover an array of immobilized protein (9×3 mm2), or combinations of multiple flow chambers to cover larger arrays (4 arrays, each array 2×2 mm2). The design combined the flow dynamics of microfluidics with the multiplexing capability of microarray to dramatically improve the throughput of an assay. This combination may ultimately enable rapid point-of-care (POC) diagnostics that are also multiplexed.

Recently, the detection of many specific antigens using surface microarray-based multivariate immunoassay has been developed. For instance, researchers have developed a microfluidic chip using gold-catalyzed silver enhancement for multiplexed immunoassays. DNA-directed assembly performed with this chip enables the configuration of addressable protein microarrays within the microfluidic system. The performance in multiplexed detection of biomarkers, such as prostate-specific antigen (PSA), tumor necrosis factorα, IL-6, and IL-23, is similar to that of conventional microplate assays. A microchip-based PSA detection from whole blood can be obtained in a lab-on-a-chip configuration by combining microfluidics and microarray technology.

Schematic drawing of multiplexed immunoassay performed in the wells of the disposable microarray. Fig.1 Schematic drawing of multiplexed immunoassay performed in the wells of the disposable microarray. (Schroeder, 2009)

Advantages of Microfluidic Chips

Services at Creative Biolabs

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